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Copyright and co-operation on the Web

All photographs on this site have been taken by me personally unless stated otherwise. When a photo is published on this site and credited to someone else than me, that person has generously agreed to let me publish his/hers photo. I decline to publish photos sent to me which I know, suspect or have reason to believe to be under a third persons copyright. The challenge to me is to publish as many photos and as much information as possible in a legal way with the co-operation of other aviation enthusiasts on the Web. This means that I also gladly help other aviation enthusiasts pursue their interest if I can.

On a few occasions, I have received photos for publication which have been taken from books or other sites on the Web. Please stop this practice! To snatch pictures from other sites to fill these pages is no true challenge! I could do that myself without any help from anyone else!!!!!!! J

So if you want to use pictures from this site or previously unpublished photos from my collection, please contact me.


I support Bert Hartmanns campaign on practicing copyright on the Web
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