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Welcome to the site dedicated to Preserved Axis Aircraft

The aim of this site is to try to keep track of preserved Axis aircraft and projects aiming at preserving and restoring Axis aircraft. To be listed on this site, the aircraft has to either have been used by an Axis force or originally designed in an Axis country. Therefore Swedish built Bestmanns, Spanish "Messerschmitts" and French "Storchs" etc. are included despite not having been used by an Axis force. Also included are certain preserved Allied aircraft that were used operationally by the Axis forces and are displayed in their Axis colors. An example of the later is the preserved Finnish Gloster Gladiator in Sweden. I am aware of the fact that one can argue that Finland was not formally a part of the Axis and that she was only allied with Germany for the fight in the east. I have chosen to include Finland on this site for this reason despite the fact that the name of the site can be somewhat misleading in this regard (You wouldn't like to miss out on the preserved Finnish aircraft, would you? :-).

I would have liked to include Allied aircraft on this page as well but there are so many preserved that it would be a full time job to keep track of them. Check out The Warbirds Worldwide Directory for a comprehensive but selective listing of the most important types of Allied Warbirds. So in other words, this site is not political in any way, it’s just the result of my interest and of what has been convenient to do with the limited resources I have at my disposal.

Any comments, corrections, additions, suggestions, rumors, updates and photos would be greatly appreciated. Please help me update and improve this site by dropping me a line via the link to the left. Remember to give an adequate headline so that I can see it through all spam!

/Mikael Olrog