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Here are some links to sites which I enjoy and regularly visit. The owners of these sites have also contributed to this site in some way, either by sending material, information or through sheer inspiration. If you want to make a link to my page, feel free to use my banner above!

By Mikael Olrog

By Bert Hartmann

By Tracy Dungan

Fw 190 White 1 Foundation
By Mark J. Timken

By Dirk Bende

By Chuck Petrie

By Claudio Basile

By Horst Zoeller

By André de Zwart

By Italian Wings

By Tormod Christiansen

By Italian aviation historical society

By Christoph Vernaleken

By Paul Nann

By Dave Pluth et al.

By Richard T Eger
By Swedish aviation historical society
By Jens & Alex Klank
Belgian Aviation History Association
By Daniel Brackx
Förderverein Bücker-Museum Rangsdorf e.V.
By the Bücker Association
South African Air Force Museum
By Kirk Kinnear