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Type of aircraft Country Status Additional information
Fw 58 Propeller Norway S Norsk Luftfartsmuseum in Bodö

Fw 189 Tail cone gun turret Germany PV Dresden Militärhistorisches Museum

Fw 190 Undercarriage Germany PV Luftfahrtmuseum, Latzen, Hannover
Fw 190 parts Germany PV Cottbus Flugplatz collection
Fw 190A-9/R2 remains Germany PV Luftfahrthistoriche Sammlung Flugplatz Finow, Parts are from Fw 190A-9/R2, White 1, I./JG11
Fw 190 Wing Czech Rep. PV Tank museum, Lešany
Fw 190 Tail unit Germany PV Luftfahrtmuseum, Latzen, Hannover. this item has was "used" in the rebuild of the Fw 190A-8 on show at the museum.
Fw 190D-9 Fin USA PV NMUSAF, Dayton, Ohio
Fw 190 Droptank Germany PV Luftfahrtmuseum, Latzen, Hannover
Fw 190 Engine and tail remains Czech rep. PV Kbely, Prague
Fw 190 Wheels Czech rep. PV Museum in the village Zruc, close to Plzen.
Fw 190D-9 Wheel Czech rep. PV Museum-Klub Vojenské a Letecké Historie, Černá Újezd pod Troskami Czech republic
Fw 190 Propeller Belgium PV Musee Royal de l'Armee, Brussels
Fw 190A propeller blades Czech rep. PV Narodni Technicke Muzeij, could also be used on the Ju 88.

Fw 200 Stearing column Germany S Will be included in the Fw 200 under restoration for Technical Museum of Berlin
Fw 200 Passenger seat Germany S As above
Fw 200 Pilot seat Germany S As above, originates from Norway
Fw 200 Turret Germany PV Luftfahrttechniches Museum Rechlin