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18 December 2005 Patrick Perrin sent in photos of the Siebel 204/NC 702 c/n 282 on show at Conservatoire de l Aeronautique et de l Espace d Aquitaine on the airbase Merignac.
10 December 2005

Ron Werneth, known from contributions to Pacific wrecks and articles in different aviation magazines kindly sent me a copy of his latest article about Mitsubishi Zero restoration projects published in Fly Past together with some late updates. This section has now been updated with this information.

Michael Shreeve kindly supplied a recently taken photo of the A6M3 Zero with Air heritage Collection showing it under rebuild. Many thanks to you both!

14 November 2005

On October 24th a junior webmaster named Alexander joined the world. He will slowly be taught the art of webmastering this site. My goal is to have Alexander say "Achtung Spitfeuers" at kindergarten when he is two and a half years! ;-)

Thomas Siepert contributed photos of a Junkers G 38 propeller located in a hotel in Billund, Denmark. A rather unexpected place to find such a thing. It seem to be from the early part of the G 38 time, and from one of the outer engines since it is only a two-bladed propeller.

From Yngve Grønvik comes a photo of Birger Larsen recovering the recently located engine hoods for the Bf 109G-2 W.Nr. 13470 under restoration in Bodø. Look at the second photo of two from this aircraft. They where located a distance from the original crash site, how they ended up there, together with some other parts is unknown. This just confirms my happy suspicion that Norway is a giant spare part storage area for Luftwaffe warbirds! ;-) Rumour has it that we will see another interesting recovery (Fw 190) from the sea and that a He 115 has been located - though no confirmed recovery plans for that aircraft as of yet. But let's hope that the gap of a preserved He 115 will be filled one day. The type saw service in the Norwegian Air Force and should be of interest to them, hopefully.

22 October 2005 Robert West e-mailed with information and photo of the MS 500 W.Nr. 605 N41FS.

Per-Øivind Skarphol added a photo of Ju 88A-1 W.Nr. 0880119 taken on October 13 at Gardemoen.

Birger Larsen contributed a photo of Ju 88D-1 W.Nr. 0881203 taken on October 18 in Hungary. Progress is fine as can be seen.

Thank you all for these updates!

11 October 2005 Walt McKinney from USA kindly contributed an old photo of Mitsubishi A6M-2 Zeke s/n 1303 that he took a long time ago.

Amaru Tincopa sent an e-mail about the Aviation museum at Las Palmas Air Base in Lima, Peru which contains has a Colombo S63 engine from a Ca 100 and a localy built wooden propeller for a Ca. 114 fighter aircraft. This aircraft type was only exported to Peru. Photos have been added of these two artifacts.

1 October 2005 Vangelis Kontogeorgakos added a photos of Bü 131 (Aero 104) W.Nr. 214 at an air show in Greece. Previously it was based in the US.

Dirk Lombard sent in a photo of a Ju 86 wing tip which is preserved in South Africa.

Johan Ahlfors contributed photos of the Jumo 004 engine and an instrument panel from a Bf 109G-6 on show at Teknisk Museum in Oslo, Norway. See them under the engine and relic section.

Great additions, thanks folks!

17 September 2005 I've gathered a back log of updates which I'm beginnig to dig in to now! Enjoy...

Ben Dunnell sent in a photo of the DFS 230 fuselage frame on show at the Military Museum in Sarajevo. This means that there are three DFS 230 fuselage frames in former Yugoslavia, one in Banja Luka (observed there in May 2005), one in Sarajevo (observed in August 2005) and one in Belgrade (have been there since at least early -90's).

P-J Fischer contributed improved photos of the Fiat CR 32 and Savoia SM 82 at the Italian Air Force Museum.

Peter Cohausz sent in two photos from an airshow in Germany. One is of the recently completed Klemm Kl 35 SE-BPU which has been under restoration for some years in Sweden. It is now airworthy and has won awards at air shows. The other photo is of Bü 131 HB-AFE now flying again in Switzerland.

Brad Smith added a nice frontal view of the Fw 190D-13 and a second photo of the Nakajima Ki 43 on show at Museum of Flight in Seattle.

Mario Raguž has sent in an improved photo of the Ju 87 on display at Techniches Museum Berlin as well as photos of BMW 003, Nord 1002 No 257.

From Timothy Cox came improved photo of Nord 1002 N108ZZ. Thank you all!

4 September 2005 During a visit to Portugal for some weeks I saw a BMW 132Z engine and a two bladed propeller for a Ju 52/3m on show at the Portuguese Air Force Museum. Photos has been added at the engine section and the Junkers relic section. Unfortunately the Ju 52s in storage at the museum wasn't available for viewing. However it was confirmed that the Ju 52/3m W.Nr. 5661 which was restored in Norway was in storage Alverca and not Ota Air base as previously thought.
22 Ausgust 2005 Evžen Všetečka has visited Technikmuseum Hugo Junkers in Dessau and added photos of the following engines: DB 605A, Jumo 004, Jumo 211, Hirth HM 504A-2.

Alexander Hurrle has visited the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin and has contributed photos of some engines in display there; Jumo 205, the very rare Jumo 210, Jumo 211, Siemens Halske 5 and the Zündapp Z 92. Thank you both for these great additions!

14 August 2005 Mike Shreeve added a photo of the beautifully restored Bf 109E-3 W.Nr. 1342 which has been completed for the Flying Heritage Collection in Seattle.

Mike Furline sent in new photos of the Kawasaki Ki-45 Nick and Yokosuka Ohka 22 on show at NASM, Steven. Udvar-Hazy Center.

Alexander Hurrle added a photo of the Lycoming engined CASA 1131E D-EFMH.

Bill Scheureman added a new photo of Bf 109E-7 W.Nr. 3579 flying in Canada. Thank you all for these great additions!

7 August 2005 Kenneth Pedersen added two photos, one of Klemm Kl 35 D-EHKO and one of Bücker Jungman CASA 1131E D-EFCB. Many thanks for these additions!
30 July 2005 Eduardo Ravera writes in to let us now that the restoration of Fw 44J, W.Nr. 168, LV-YZN is now complete. The engine needs to be attached before it can fly again. A new photo has been added showing it without engine.

A cockpit section from a Heinkel He 111H-3 has been recovered and is under restoration in Sweden. This is an interesting project which is done in colaboration between people based in Sweden and Norway and when complete it will eventually end up in a museum close to the border between the two countries. An entry and a photo by Sven-Erik Jönsson has been added to the He 111 section. Also the remains of the fuselage of a DFS 230 glider has been recovered for the planned museum, but I have no photo of it yet. As more details regarding the museum and the identity of the aircraft emerge I will let you know.  

21 July 2005 It takes longer and longer times between the occasions when I can add new photos to the site. But this time I can add a photo by Timothy Cox of Bf 109/HA-1112 W.Nr. C.4K-121 which fills a blank on the site.

Christopher Sjögren has sent in photos of a set of tail planes from a Ju 188 which has been added on the relic site. As can be seen they still carry the original paint scheme. He also added a photo of a Pilots seat for a Fw 200 which has been transfered from a Norwegian museum to the Fw 200 project in Germany. Thanks to you both!

3 July 2005 Oleg Osokin has kindly agreed to let me publish a photo he took of the Ju 52 under restoration in Novosibirsk. The photo has also been published on, an excellent website. There are currently two Fi 156D-1 under restoration in Novosibirsk too.
12 June 2005 Again Evžen Všetečka makes the news section on this website. this time he has managed to get access to the two-seat Me 262 (CS-92) in storage with Vojenske Muzeum at Kbely AB. Two photos have been added by this rarely photographed aircraft.

Bernard Klüge has added an improved photo of the Fw 44 W.Nr. 716 which CAF operates in USA.  Thank you both for the contributions!

4 June 2005       From Evžen Všetečka comes an interesting piece of news. Fi 156 Mraz K-65 OK-DFJ in storage with Narodni Technicke Muzeum, Prague was on temporary exhibition at the Aero Factory when celebrating the 60 year anniversary of the end WWII in Europe. Also added is a tail cone of a Siebel Si 204 in the relic section.
28 May 2005 Christoph Westhaus has travelled in Australia and returned with photos the remains of a Zeka and a Dinah on show at Darwin Aviation Museum.

Also added is a photo of a Do 26 instrument panel that is on show in Narvik. Check out the German Relics section. The Machine gun in the forefront of the photo is the ultra rare 20 mm MG 204 which was built in a few examples but wasn't put in any larger production because the MG 151 and MG FF was prefered.

21 May 2005 The opening of the aviation section of the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin has generated a great interest judging from the amount of photos and comments I've received. Thank you all! This time I've added some photos taken by Mario Raguž of the Henschel Hs 126 remains that has been acquired by the museum. I've also added some more photos taken by Evžen Všetečka of the Fw 200 fuselage section and wing section now on display. A new photo of the Fi 156 on display has also been added together with a photo of a DB 605 engine. An unexpected missile has appeared on show in Berlin. A Hs 293 missile which origin is uncertain. It could be the missile that was on show at Missile Museum, Nottinghamshire and then that it has been loand by RAF Museum to Berlin. Can someone share any information on the background of this missile? Thanks!
14 Maj 2005 Today I had a great experience when I flew with Lufthansas Ju 52/3m during their visit at Bromma Airport in Stockholm, Sweden. The weather was fantastic and the flight was great!
13 Maj 2005 One could think that Friday the 13th would be a day filled with bad luck, but no how wrong that is! Today I'm very happy to be able to announce the official roll-in of the CR 42 in to the Italian Air Force Museum, which took place yesterday. A photo from yesterday has been added, thanks to Gregory Alegi. This ambitious project begun already in 1994 and has brought back a Fiat CR 42 to it's home country, and increased the number of survivors from two, to four - one which eventually will be airworthy. Congratulations to everyone involved!
30 April 2005 A few days ago I received two CDs from Evžen Všetečka with photos from the Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin. They have really created a fantastic museum. I've added photos of their Bü 131 D-EBAD, Bü 181 W.Nr. 501659, Go 242 glider, Siebel Si 204/NC 701 No 331, Fiesler Fi 103, Rheinmetall-Borsig Rheintochter and a Henschel Hs 117 Schmetterling missile. The later two missiles are on loan from UK which means that they probably are the two examples previously listed as in storage at RAF Museum Cosford. Can anyone confirm this? Great news to see them on public view.
23 April 2005 Evžen Všetečka added a photo of the Ar 96 now restored and placed on display at Museum fur Verkher und Technik in Berlin. It is a marvelous new exhibit!

Christoph Vernaleken added a beautiful photo of the Ar 234 on display at NASM's Steven. Udvar-Hazy Center. Thank you both!

13 April 2005 Benno Hermmann sent in a beautifull photo of the oldest surviving Bf 108, D-EBFW which has been added. The always attentive Gregory Alegi discovered an Alfa Romeo Lynx engine on display at the Italian Air Force Museum which was not on this website. Thanks to Gregory this has now been added!
28 March 2005 Dave McDonald supplied a photo of the Curtiss Hawk 75A-6 that was recovered some time ago in Russia. The aircraft has a exciting history, it was initially built for Norwegian service and was captured by German forces during the invasion in 1940. Later it served with Luftwaffe before being sold to the Finnish Air Force. 
7 March 2005 Some weeks ago I mentioned a US based Bü 181 project which John Matthews wrote in to tell us about (check the entry for 29 January 2005). This time he added some photos of the Zlin Z 381 W.Nr. 365 which forms the basis for the project. He also added a photo of a spare fuselage frame from another Bestmann which will be used as a spare parts source for the project. This frame is an ex-swedish Bestmann carrying the identity FV25036. Thanks John for these exciting photos! 
19 February 2005 Some weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the storage area of the Tekniska Museet in Stockholm. The museum has some storage buildings located outside of Stockholm and through the help of Magnus Blix I was given the opportunity to visit this place. I've been aware of information that the museum has had remains from some V-1 missiles that landed in Sweden during the war, but I didn't know if it was only twisted metal or substantial remains of interest. It turned out that the museum has remains of at least four different missiles that was fired from Pennemünde during the development and testing of the V-1s. More information about the missiles that landed in Sweden can be found at Linus Walleij's website.

Magnus has studied the V-1 and the remains at Tekniska Museet for several years and has assisted the museum in identifying the parts and from which missile they can come from. He has a wealth of information and could even from the interior paint of the missile tell me which factory built it! The missiles survived impact quite well because they didn't carry any explosives. Unfortunately no nose sections have survived, but otherwise there are quite substantial remains in the collection - probably untill now, unknown to most people. Since the remains are from several missiles I've added the photos to the missiles page at the relic section. Thank you Magnus for your help!

12 February 2005 Evžen Všetečka Sent in a photo of a the Ha-35 Sakae engine on show at RAF Museum Cosford. It has now a set of engine cowlings attached, which makes it a very nice exhibit. Thanks!
5 February 2005 Thomas Siepert visited the Technical Museum in Berlin and took a photo of the Fa 330 on display there. The museum will open within a couple of months. Thanks Thomas!
29 January 2005 John Matthews wrote in with news of a previously unlisted aircraft in the US, a Czech built Bü 181. It was built in 1949, carries W.Nr. 365 and was operated initially by Czeckoslovakian air force, later put on the civilian registry as OK-DJL. In 1959 it was sold to Finland and operated by Univeresity of Helsinki's flying club. Stored in a Finnish barn for some years in the late -60's it was discovered by an American who took it to USA in early 70's with not much happening to it. In 1999 it was rediscovered by the current owner who aquired it some time later and has begun a slow restoration. The condition of the aircraft is reportedly quite deteriorated but hopefully it return to the air one day. It is my hope that I'll  be able to publish a photo of the aircraft in the future. Anyone who can help out with Bü 181 parts can contact me.

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