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22 Januuary 2005 From Jerry Yagen comes a photo of the Kawasaki Ki 61 under restoration in Australia.

From Bob Bailey comes a beautifull second photo of his CASA 1131 in a very nice surrounding. Thank you both for these updates!

15 January 2005 I've added a second photo of the Fiesler Fi 156 Storch in South Africa sent in by Dirk Lombard.

Bill Scheuerman added a photo of the Me 262 on show at NAS Willow Grove in USA. He writes that the markings have been changed from Black 35 to White 35 and that the aircraft is on display in a purpose built museum. On show is also the badly corroded nose cone of the Me 262 showing the state the aircraft was in prior to restoration. A photo of the nose cone has been added to the Messerschmitt relics page.

Carl Nelson send in an improved photo of the Australian War Memorial Bf 109G. It is displayed in a very striking pose! Thank you all for these additions!

7 January 2005 My appologies for taking time to post the latest updates. Just before x-mas I moved to a new home so I had to unplugg from the web (very scary feeling indeed...J). The move meant that I also had to change internetprovider so any e-mail adresses you might have to me with the domain doesn't work anymore. There's a new one on the "mail me" button down to the left of the screen. Please use it - and send in the latest axis warbird news from your part of the world!

Gregory Alegi took the opportunity during the Christmas holiday to go through is photocollection and sent us two better photos of the Caproni Ca 100 I-GTAB and I-BIZZ. Pat & Linda Carry added a improved photo of the Bf 109G on show at NASM in Washington DC. Claudio Basile helped with a new photo Cant Z 506. of the Daniel Bracxs added a recently taken photo of the Heinkel He 46 in storage with Musee de l'Air in Paris. An aircraft which is very rarely seen. Sergio Luis dos Santos writes in to inform us that Bü 133 W.Nr. 1018 is being repainted to the original paint scheme it wore when once delivered to Brazil, that is RLM 02 with white and green flash and registration PP-TDP. Thank you all for these contributions!

17 December 2004 Lately I haven't received many updates or photos which is the reason for the relatively few updates the last months. Do take the opportunity during the upcoming holidays to go through your photocollections and see if you can add something which is missing, or correct some information! Enyoy X-mas and Happy New Year to everyone! 
8 December 2004

It was some time since the last update, but now I've received some new photos to add thanks to Sergio Luis dos Santos who forwarded a photo taken by Vicente Vazquez of the Bf 109G under restoration in Brasil. I'm not sure that this aircraft actually should be added to this website since it is said to consist of a newly built fuselage fitted with original wings.

Gunnar Åkerberg in Sweden added a photo of the Fw 44 SE-BSZ in storage with the owner. Thank you both!

22 November 2004 Pat & Linda Carry sent in a photo of the A4/V2 rocket on show at USAF Museum Dayton. The photo shows the ambitiously restored carriage used to transport the missile to deployment. This missile is of great interest since it is one of only two displayed in an operational paint scheme.
6 November 2004 From Evžen Všetečka comes some photos of a BMW 801 and a BMW 132 engines and a Fw 190 propeller now on show at Musee Royal de l'Armee, Brussels. Also on show since a long time is a Fi 103, but the new photo shows that this example has been either restored or exchanged to an example which looks much better than the previous. The nose and the air intake to the engine seem to have a more correct apperance now. Does anyone know if it has been replaced or restored? A DB 605 on show at Bevrijdende Vleugels museum, Best has been added as has a Fin of a Siebel Si 204D on show at Aviation Museum at Seppe in Netherlands.

Thank you Evžen for these additions!

30 October 2004 Manfred Prufer wrote in to let us see updated photos of the progress of the restoration of Bü 181 W.Nr. 110258 and Bf 109F-4 unknown W.Nr. (listed as privately owned, Belgium).

Jerry Brewer shared some photos of the ex-Finnish Brewster Buffalo now at Pensacola.

I've also added a photo from Evžen Všetečka of a Fw 190 Diorama on show at the Czech Tank Museum in Lešany. The Fw 190 wing is original. It can be seen on the Focke-Wulf relics page. Judging from other photos of the tank exhibits many of them are in diorama form, which gives the impression of a very interesting museum. Evžen also corrected the information about the engines at Kbely I posted in the last update. Thank you all for these updates!

23 October 2004 Gregory Alegi added a photo of the MC 205V MM92166, which is kept in air worthy condition but is not flown because of its rarity.

Also added has been one Jumo 211 on show at Kbely in Prague. The engine is labeled as a M 211 and carries a Czeckoslovakian ID tag. Two photos of Argus AS 10 engines also on show at the museum has been added. I'm not sure that the identification of one of the engines is correct since they do have major discrepancies. Can someone confirm the ID of the two AS 10 engines at Kbely? Thanks!

16 October 2004 From Bernard Martin in England comes photos of the Avia FL 3 G-AGTF and CASA 1131 G-BXBD.

Some photos of relics from Finnish aircraft on display at Suomen Ilmailumuseo outside Helsinki has been added. They include two VL Viima II fins, one with cloth and one without, one uncovered Fokker D.XXI rudder and one D.XXI flap. A photo of the lower right wing of a VL Tuisku trainer has also been added together with a pair of wheels for a Bristol Bulldog IV fighter. A new section for Klemm has also been created in the German aircraft relic section. To this section has two Klemm L 25 rudders been added and one Klemm Kl 35 propeller from Mikael Edslöv. In addition to that a photo of a Dornier Do 17 tailwheel, a Junkers A 50 rudder, a set of A 50 floats and a nose cone for a Junkers A 50 has been added to the German relics section.

9 October 2004 From Finland and Kari Lappalainen comes a photo of VL Viima OH-VIE under restoration at Suomen Ilmailumuseo outside Helsinki. For some time the Finnish Hawker Hurricane has been on show in this museum in connection with an exhibit launched earlier this year. Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo in Tikkakoski brought out the Hurricane from long term storage for this exhibition and I've added a photo of it which I took some time ago.

David Reay added a photo of Bf 109E-7 W.Nr. 3523 which is in storage with Jim Pearce and reported as currently for sale.

Malcom Laing sent in a beatiful air to air photo of Nord 1002 N108BW W.Nr. 146. It is currently based at the Texas Air Museum in Slaton, Texas.

Thank you all for very exciting additions!

3 October 2004 Douglas Nash contributed photos of the Focke-Achgelis Fa 330 and of the Jumo 004B-4 engine now on show at NASM.

Wojciech Sawicki added a photo of the Polish Bf 109G-6 taken at an airshow last year. Rumours say that the owners might try to fly with the aircraft.

Jan Forsgren added some photos of the Nakajima Ki 27 remains on show at Royal Thai Air Force Museum in Bangkok.

Evžen Všetečka sent in a photo of the remains of the Fw 190A-9/R2 on show at Luftfahrthistoriche Sammlung Flugplatz Finow. It is shown in the relics section.

27 September 2004 Here's the Bücker update as promissed! Evžen Všetečka added photos of CASA 1131 G-BJAL and Bü 133 G-AXMT and G-BVXJ stationed at Real Aircraft Museum in England.

Albert and Elisabeth Zeller-Mannhart sent in photos and some information regarding Swiss Bückers. Bü 133 HB-MKM is under restoration after its crash some years ago.  The photo is from before the crash. Also added is a photo of Bü 133 HB-MKN, a photo which must qualify as one of the most beautiful ones on this site. A photo of Bü 133 HB-MKZ has also been added and of Bü 133 HB-MKH. Bü 133 U-54  is added as a new entry to the registry, it is probably a new constructed aircraft with an old identity. Photos has also been added on several Doflug built Bü 131s; HB-UUP, HB-UVZ, HB-UVE and HB-UUN.

Thank you for these great additions!

19 September 2004 Recently I've received some e-mails with virusinfected attachments which appears to have been sent from my own e-mail adress "preservedaxisaircraft" and with the subject "site changes". A couple of years ago I thought about establishing an e-mail service for those interested and to send information about site changes but decided against the idea. I don't know if you who visit this site receives this type of e-mails, but if you do I just want to say that I'm not sending them!

It does irritate me that my "name/brand" is missused by others to trick aviation minded people to open the infected attachments. I hope everyone is protecting themselves with anti-virus programs.

18 September 2004 This week we start of with photos of two Buchons, one is HA 1112 c/n 139 D-FWME added by Peter Cohausz and the other is Buchon Ha 1112 G-BWUE added by Evžen Všetečka.

Joachim Schulz writes in to tell us that Nord 1002 No 88 has returned to Europe from USA. It carries now the registration D-ELLM and is under rebuild to airworthiness. A photo has been added.

Evžen also added some photos from his visit to Science Museum in Wroughton. The following engines have been added: Jumo 004, DB 603, DB 610 and Jumo 211. Do note the original wooden transport crate for the Jumo 211 engine.

Thank you all for these updates! Look out for a Bücker aircraft update next time.

11 September 2004 The second aircraft, the Ju 88 W.Nr. 088119 was recovered from Lake Jonsvannet this past week. Kjell Arild Bersås contributed a photo.

Jouni Lakaniemi from Finland added a better photo of the VL Viima restoration project OH-VID and also a new photo of another Viima project in Finland, OH-VID.

Gregory Alegi responded to my request last week for a photo of USAFM completed Zero, which has now been added. Thank you for these great additions!

4 september 2004 What fantastic news there are this week! During the last few days a He 111 has been recovered from Jonsvannet in Norway in an undertaking financed by the Technical Museum in Berlin. Next week the team aims to recover a Ju 88 from the same lake. The He 111H is from 1./KG 100 6N+NH and the Ju 88A-1 U4+TK is from 2./KG 30. Both made emergency landings on the frosen lake Jonsvannet and later used as a source of spares for other aircraft before sinking through the ice. The Heinkel was used as Hptm Arthur von Casimirs personal aircraft, and he attended the recovery in person - 96 years old! Unconfirmed information says that the Heinkel will go to the Technical Museum in Berlin, and that the now recovered Ju 88 might stay in Norway, with the Ju 88A-5 W.Nr. 0886146 going to Germany instead. May be it will go to Luftwaffemuseum since the Technical Museum in Berlin already has their own Ju 88G under restoration in Hungary. As stated this is just unconfirmed speculations and time will tell. We'll probably also quite soon find out which W.Nr. these aircraft have. Jørn Aasland and Kjell Arild Bersås helped with photos from the recovery.
We also have a second piece of news from Norway. Norsk Luftfartsmuseum in Bodo completed their construction of a replica of a VL Sääski II this summer and it has now gone on display. Since the aircraft is a replica it will not be listed on this site, but I think the project deserves to be mentioned on this news section. Congratulations!

From Finland and Martti Kujansuu comes information and a photo of the restoration of a Fw 44 at the Suomen Ilmailumuseo in Vantaa, Helsinki. The identity of the aircraft is not known, but it seems like it could be a previously unknown aircraft, so it has been entered as such.

The first flight of the Buchon HA 1112 c/n 139 D-FWME has also taken place recently and can now be counted as a flyer. The USAF Museums Zero has also been completed and is now on display at Dayton. Can anyone add new photos of these aircraft?

Stefan Schmoll added a photo of Casa 1131E W.Nr. 2046 D-EFQP seen at an airshow at Breitscheid this summer. Thanks for all contributions (including Pat Carry and Timo Savolainen)!

Life is good! J

28 August 2004 Jean-Pierre Touzeau sent in a photo of the sole MS 504 which he took at an airshow at Falaise this summer. He included also a photo of Casa 1131E F-PRBB.

Christoph Westhaus added some photos he took on his vacation this summer. A DB 601 engine on show at the Second World War Museum in Calais and a Bf 110 undercarriage on show at the  Atlantic War Museum - Battery Todt at Audinghen. The later has been added under the relics section. Christoph also sent in a recent photo of the Nord 1002 on show at Stutgart Airport. Unfortunately it is kept outside as can be seen.

Björn Simmes wrote in to tell us about his very rare Zündapp Z 92 engine which was built in May 1939. He has the engine mounted in his Stark Turbulent D1 and flies it regularly. See photo in the engine section.

21 August 2004 The Finnish Brewster Buffalo BW-372 has finaly found a home, the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, Florida. According to some sources it will be displayed as found, that is it's original Finnish colours will be preserved. Very good news indeed.

This update includes only engines, a Jumo 205, a SR 500 pulse jet and a BMW 109-548 at Deutsches Museum in Munich has been added together with a rare Zündapp Z 92 engine on show at the Junkers Museum in Dessau. Also one Riedler starter engine from Luftfahrt museum Laatzen has been added to the miscellanious relic section.

14 August 2004 Thanks to Jouni Lakaniemi I can now add photos of VL Viima VI-16 under restoration in Finland.

Marco Riffelmann kindly added a photo of th HA 1112 W.Nr. 194 on show at Wittmundhafen AB, Erik Ettrup a recently taken photo of the Bf 109G-1 W.Nr. 14141 at Sola and James Bowser a photo of Bf 109E-7 W.Nr. 3579 at its new home at Chipawa Ontario. Many thanks to all of you for these additons!

9 August 2004 This time I've added some photos from my trip to Germany and Czechia. Two interior photos from the beautifully restored NC 702 (Siebel 204) at Prague Kbely, what a great sight it was! A photo of Bücker Bü 133 D-EQOA has been added as well as photo of the very rare DB 602 engine.
1 August 2004 Stefan Schmoll has visited Dirk Bende's engine shop and took a photo of one of the Jumo 213s that were recovered at Frankfurt Airport some years ago. May be one day it will fly again.

Pat & Linda Carry added a photo of the Mitsubishi A6M5 Reisen on show in a chrash diorama at Weeks' Fantasy of Flight museum in Florida.

Jouni Lakaniemi wrote in with additonal information about VL Viima VI-16 OH-VIJ under restoration in Finland. It has been under restoration to airworthiness for the last 3 years and is nearing completion. It has previously been in storage since ground loop in 1966. I hope to be able to add a photo of it one day.

Congratulations to the teams that brought back the Me 262 in to the air again and the first flight of the Flug Werke's Fw 190!  

26 July 2004 Long time - no update... Guess it doesn't come as a surprise that I've been on holiday. A few days ago I returned from a 4 week and 4500 km drive through central Europe visiting museums and archives in many countries (Yeah, I did also do and see things that didn't have any relation to aviation! :-). Some of the results will end up here on this site, but most of the stuff I've seen in museums have already been added by other contributors to this site. When finally having sorted out the inbox (loads of spam and virus mail), there where some great contributions, the first beeing added here, with more to come soon.

Through the assistance of Gregory Alegi I've received a recent photo by Jack Hillard of the ex-Champlin Bf 109 now on display at Museum of Flight, Seattle.

In the exellent magazine Flugzeug Classic, Peter Cohaus tells the recently uncovered history of MS 505 OO-STO while under restoration with Motobende in Germany. The aircraft was originally given the W.Nr. 2042 as a C-7 modell, when taken over by the French after the wars end it was completed as a MS 500 with serial 269, later on being rebuilt into a MS 502 and finaly as a MS 505. It will now be rebuilt with a Argus As 10 engine. Stefan Schmoll have kindly added a photo of it in the workshop of Motobende taken a few days ago.

23 June 2004 Jean-Luc Soullier has now received some information regarding the Siebels with Musee de l'Air, see that section.

From Simone Neukirch comes a photo of the Fi 156 (MS 500) W.Nr. 41 under restoration with foundation L'Aéronatique based at Fribourg-Ecuvillens in Switzerland. As can be seen, she works on the aircraft herself!

Mick Grinter sent in a photo of Robert Greinert's Kawasaki Ki-61, as it is displayed now.

I've added a cockpit photo of the Ju 52/3m preserved at the Aerospace museum in Arlanda, Sweden. 

19 June 2004 Jean-Luc Soullier  and I have been discussing the Siebel aircraft for over a year now and we're now prepared to present the results. Jean-Luc has made a great contribution of both information and photos to bring some order into the section dedicated to preserved Siebel aircraft, especially the ones of Czech origin. Several new entries have been added all with a photo. The serial numbers have been verified by ID-plates. It turns out that the Vojenske Muzeum, Kbely has remains from 6 different aircraft (!), in addition to their new NC702 that has recently gone on display.

With all of these remains, it would undoubtly be enough parts around to put one back in to the air - who will accept that challenge!? :-)

Among the photos of the Siebel parts in storage at Kbely was also one Ju 52 fuselage section, now added to the relics section. Can anyone add any information on it?

Hopefully someone can one day contribute photos of the NC 701/NC 702 preserved with Luftwaffe Museum and Musee de l'Air to finally complete this section.

Thank you Jean-Luc for your efforts and contributions!

11 June 2004 From Greencastle, USA comes a photo taken by Randy Miller of the Fiesler Fi 103, V-1 on display in the town center. It was taken last week, so it is still there and is said to be looking good, despite being out in the open. A F-86 fighter is also on display - so it is indeed an aviation minded town!

Evžen Všetečka has been travelling again - at the Slovenské Dopravní Múzeum Prešov he took a photo of the Aero C-3A OK-ADZ. From Múzeum Letectva, Košice in Slovakia comes some photos of the Jumo 004, Jumo 205, Tatra T-100 (Hirth 504) and a Riedel starter engine. Thank you both!

5 Jun2 2004 As mentioned last week, I'd upload some photos from the Technical Museum in Berlin. The display is becoming more and more ready, but it isn't open yet to the public. Through friendly cooperation Sven Stridsberg had the opportunity to see the unique collection. Photos has been added of Klemm Kl 35 W.Nr 1917, Junkers Ju 52/3m W.Nr. 7220, Bf 109E-4 W.Nr. 1407, Focke-Wulf Fw 44J SE-CLC and Horten Ho IIL glider D-10-125.

From Jochen Verschoore comes a photo from the air show at La Ferte Alais the previous weekend when HA 1112 W.Nr. 54 was on show in a new paintscheme - very odd indeed. Any news on why it carries it? Thanks a lot for these contributions!

29 May 2004 This week we have some exciting news! With the assistance of long time contributor Dave Mc Donald I've received a photo taken by Steve Baber of the newly restored and repainted Fw 190D-13. What a beauty it is! Amazing feat by the people involved. Also congratulations to Dave on his new job with the magazine Classic Wings. Since his devotion to axis aircraft is well known I expect that we'll see more on that topic in future issues. Wouldn't Classic Axis Wings be a good name for the magazine? J

Good news comes from Gregory Alegi who saw the two CR 42s under restoration in Italy the last weekend. I've updated the photo of the Italian Air Force example. As can be seen it is nearing completion. The second example which can be seen in the bakground is making good progress. Very exciting indeed!

From Gunnar Åkerberg comes a cockpit photo of the Junkers W 34 preserved at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sven Stridsberg added a photo from the cockpit of the Do 24ATT taken at ILA Berlin. In the next update there will be some photos from gems at the Technical Museum in Berlin which is not open to the public yet.

The "multi identity" Bü 131 (Aero C-104) mentioned in the last update, has been narrowed down some now. The blue digits "253" is just the identity at the airshow, practical for the organisors but not very nice for the photographers. The trouble now, is the sign next to the aircraft stating that it is W.Nr. 249, while the people at the aircraft on the show said it was W.Nr. 254 OK-AXY, the later is supported by information at the BMZ company website. I've written them and asked for help claryfing this.

22 May 2004 Added is a new photo of the tail of Reggiane Re 2000 FV2503 recovered in 1998 by Flygvapenmuseum. It was sent in by Tommy Johansson and has been added to the relic section. Now we have a tail and a seat so it is not much else needed for a flyer! I can easily see a Hungarian Heija (RE 2000) reconstructed from this! It's ok to dream, isn't it? ;-)

After last weeks update I received some information which confirms the excistance of a V2 rocket having been reconstructed in Germany from acquired parts and then sent to USA. So I've added it to the preserved section. I've also added the fi 103, Fi 103R and the Me 163 as preserved, though not 100% confirmation of them has been received yet it is quite probable that something similar has been done. It must be seen as a great achivment by the Flyging Heritage Collection.

From Evžen Všetečka Stefan Schmoll comes a photos from the ILA 2004 air show in Berlin where a Bü 131 (Aero C-104) is under restoration. Unfortunately there is some conflict regarding the identity of the aircraft. Evžen describes it as OK-AXY of Národní Technické Muzeum while Stefan suggests it is W.Nr. 249 or W.Nr. 253, none of which has been listed on the website previously. The later W.Nr. is supported by a photo of the aircraft with a note on it saying "253". Can anyone add some information?

I've also added a photo from Stefan of Bü 131 A-41, D-EAZO in its new paintschem, the previous one was its Swiss markings.

André de Zwart sent in a cockpit photo of the Do 24 under restoration at Oberschleissheim. It is great to see that another of these large Do 24s are being properly preserved after outdoor display!Thanks for these updates!

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