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25 October 2006 Evžen Všetečka added some photos of new exhibits at Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleißheim. They include BMW 801TJ, AS 17A, V 2 engine and HM 504A.

Michael Fuller forwarded a photo by George Beldecos of the recovery of the Ju 87 Wr.Nr. 100375 in the Greek archipelago.

Thomas Genth added an updated photo of the IAR 89 replica in Romania and Fw 44J D-EQAX.

Claudio Basile returned from a trip to France were he visited New Omaha beach Museum, Vierville in Normandie. From there he added photos of a BMW 801 engine from a Fw 190 and a rare Me 410 gun pod. The later will be found in the relics section. In Aout 1944 Museum. From Falais museum a photo of a DB 605 engine.

Many thanks to you all!

1 October 2006 This time we have some very nice additions. Roger Soupart sent in a new photo of the Seppe based Bf 109G-5 W.Nr. 15343 which was rolled out of the museum for a special photo session.

Ralf Gaida and Russ Snadden added a photo of Bü 181 W.Nr. 502095 under restoration in UK.

Mike Nicholls added photos of the Junkers Ju 52/3m and Junkers W 34 on show in Colombia. The later maschine has undergone a resent face lift at the air base and looks to be in good condition despite being outside for so many years. Many thanks to you all for these great additions!

25 September 2006 It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the first Ro 37bis has been recovered from the dump in Kabul. It is now at the Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militaire, Italiana, Vigna di Valle. A photo has been added. Many thanks Gregory Alegi for this update!
17 September 2006 Jacques Strubi sent in an air to air photo of Nord 1002 No 216 F-AZMR.

Evžen Všetečka visited Lithuanian Aviation Museum in Kaunas and took photos of a DB 603 and a BMW 003 on show. Thanks to you both!

28 August 2006 Evžen Všetečka visited Finland this summer and sent in some photos from Lento Museo Kymi. These includes Fw 44J SZ-18, Gloster Gauntled cockpit and a DB 605.

Ernst knutson added photos of the remains of Bf 110F-2 in storage with Flyhistorisk Museum at Sola in Norway. Thank you both for these additions!

13 August 2006 Exciting news from Norway! The remains of a Fw 58C-2 W.Nr. 1017 has been recovered in Finnmark in Northern Norway just a few days ago.

Many thanks to Birger for sharing this good news!

26 July 2006 Nikko Yaginuma added a photo of the cockpit section of the Ju 88 project under restoration in Belgium, thus filling a long missing photo on this website.

Joachim Schultz sent in a photo of N 1002 D-ELLM now completed and in flying condition. Congratulations to the restorers on a great job.

A photo of the stunning new paint scheme of Bf 108 D-EBFW was sent in by Benno Herrmann.

From Thor Broen and the team with Nord-Østerdal Fly og Militærhistoriske Forening have recovered the wings of Junkers W 34 BV+GI that crashed on 26 February 1942 at Sletthøa, Tolga. The cockpit and fuselage was damaged by an explosion set of by the Germans, but there are plans to recover more parts of the aircraft. Who knows, may be it can be the start of a resurection of a genuine Luftwaffe operated W 34? Are there any other W 34 parts surviving?

13 July 2006 Just returned from some vacation in Europe, among other things I visited Flying Legends Air Show at Duxford - which was really, really great! (as usual! ;-). I've added a photo of the now air worthy Buchon C.4K-102, G-BWUE which made one of its first public displays.
12 June 2006 Brad Smith has visited Pima Air & Space Museum and taken photos of the Fi 103A-1 now on display there and a German designed solid fuel RATO unit also on display there. Can anyone ID the two different types of RATO units currently listed in the /engine/rocket/ section?

Thijs Lepstra Sent in photos from RAF Museum Cosford one of a previously unlisted missile which looks very much like a EMW C2 Wasserfall but much smaller. Can someone ID it? The second photo is of another solid fuel rocket, also of unknown origin (at least to me). For the time being I've added this engine to the other unidentified RATO units. Ok, who will be the first to correctly identify these entries!? Thijs also added a photo of a BMW 003 engine at RAF Museum Cosford.

Thank you both for these additions and challenges!

5 June 2006 Stefan Schmoll added two photos of new exhibits at Museum fur Verkher und Technik, Berlin. One showing the Ju 188 mainundercarriage installation which is shown in working order, so the visitor can see how it retracts in to the wing. The other new exhibit is the main undercarriage of a Junkers Ju 290.
21 May 2006 Bengt Hermansson sent in photos of some of the more complete German engines which are with the Nord-Österdal Fly og Militärhistorisk Forening in Tolga, Norway. They're currently working on establishing a new museum there with some very promising exhibits. The engines include a BMW 132A recovered from a Ju 52, BMW 801 D-2 from a Focke-Wulf 190 A-3, two Jumo 211 D-1 from Heinkel 111 H-3 including one from 1H+CK and one Jumo 211 F from Ju 87D-5. As previously shown on this website they have also recovered a DFS 230 and a He 111 nose section is currently under restoration. Thanks Bengt!
7 May 2006 Brian Nicklas wrote in with information and photo that NASM has a second Ruhrstahl/Kramer X-1 (Fritz X) missile in their collection. It is currently in storage and looks to be in good shape. Thanks!
28 April 2006 Gary Brown added a nice inflight photo of Bü 181 FV25071 G-GLSU.

Malcom Laing shared a photo of a rare DB 601N engine on display at Texas Air Museum, Slaton, Texas.

Evžen Všetečka shared photos of what is probably the sole surviving part of a Ar 396 in Czech republic, a undercarriage leg. It has been added to the relic section. An A4/V2 engine on show at the Military Museum in Prague has also been added as well as the remains of another A4/V2 engine on show in Peenemünde. Thanks to you all for contributing!

2 April 2006 Mike Shreeve added a photo of the CR 42 owned by TFC, which has now been moved to Duxford for completion. We're really looking forward to seeing it in the air!
26 March 2006 Thomas Siepert returned from a trip to Argentina where he took some nice photos of some German aircraft on show at Museo Nacionale de Aeronautica, Bueonos Aires. The aircraft include Ju 52/3m, MS 502 LV-ZIV and a previously unlisted Fw 44 coded Ee-122. Thanks Thomas!
12 March 2006 Mario Raguž sent in a photo of the Bü 131 YU-CLY which has been put in a new position at the Tehnicki Muzej in Zagreb where it is on display.

Horst celebrates 10 years online with his Hugo Junkers website and the Preserved Axis Aircraft website congratulates on this anniversary! Join the celebration!

5 March 2006 Niklas Wingborg sent in a photo of a very remarkable and unexpected finding. A previouslyly unlisted Ruhrstahl/Kramer X-1 (Fritz X) missile has been discovered in Sweden. It's history is for the moment sketchy but I hope to be able to add more to it soon. It has been mounted outside, standing on a concrete foundation for many years, but has been removed now. It is hopped that it will be restored and put on view at the Arboge Missile Museum in the future.

Massimo Rickler sent in some photos from Fiat Historical Centres which has some very nice WWII aero engines on display. They include Fiat A30RA, Fiat AS 6, Fiat A 50, Fiat A 80 RC41.

Excellent additions, thank you both!

25 February 2006

Jürgen Hüfner sent in a photo of Bü 133 2002 G-BSZN and told us that it is now based in Germany and carries registration D-ESZN.

Alfred Preuß has returned from a trip to Argentina where he has visited two Fw 44 projects (LV-YZN and LV-YYU) nearing completion at Don Torcuato. They are forced to leave the air field since it is about to close, as soon as they're Certificates of Airworthines has been approved they can move out. LV-YYU is interesting since it has been fitted with Warner engine as a substitute of the now all to difficult to acquire Sh 14 engine. Photos of both have been added.

Thor Broen added a photo of the KG 4 unit marking which has now been added to the nose of the He 111P 5J+CN at Gardemoen. See photo to the left.

18 February 2006 Wolfgang Falch wrote in to inform us about Sandy Air's latest project. A Fi 156D fuselage frame has been acquired. It was found in a barn (yes it possible to do such discoveries still!). On the aft section of the frame the small triangular ID plate is still attached how ever it is hard to make out the W.Nr. with any certainty, but it looks like it is W.Nr. 2200 or 2299.

Roy Fox sent in a photo of his Klemm L 25dII VH-UUR which he operates from Wiseman's Ferry outside Sydney. Many thanks to you both!

12 February 2006 Wolfgang Falch added a new photo of the Ju 52 W.Nr. 6888 cockpit under restoration.

Laurent Missiaen sent in a photo of an engine panel for what we believe is a Henschel Hs 126. Can anyone confirm that the part is from that type? The photo is in the relic section.

5 February 2006 Birger Larsen sent in a photo of the Ju 88D-1 under restoration in Hungary. The photo was taken on 26th of January this year, showing the progress of the project.

Not to far from Stockholm are three Klemm kl 35 under restoration. They are Kl 35D SE-BHD, SE-BGA and SE-AKN. The later is the sole preserved Klemm whic was originaly fitted with a hood. Two of these will be restored to airworthiness, one as static. 

28 January 2006 Malcolm Laing shared photos of his Bf 109F-4 project with W.Nr. 8461. This has not been listed here before. Some parts is missing so if anyone has Bf 109F parts...

Thor P. Broen sent in two photos of the recovery of the remains of the sole DFS 230 to have been operated in the Nordic countries. The fuselage frame is now in storage awaiting a decision on its possible future restoration. As usuall, if anyone has any DFS 230 parts please contact me. Check out the beautiful scenery of these photos!

Evžen Všetečka vistied Luftfahrt- und Technik-Museumspark Merseburg and added photos of the following engines on display there: DB 601, 4*DB 605 and a rare Zundapp Z 92 engine

Also added as new to the registry is Fw 190F-8/R1 W.Nr. 583 753 which has been reserved on the US registry. Any information related to this aircraft and its history is of interest. Is it a new built aircraft, recovered or dataplate restoration?

21 January 2006 The updates have gathered in my inbox, but here's a good bunch!

Stefan Sandberg added a photo of Klemm Kl 35 SE-BHF which is under restoration for the Air and Space Museum, Arlanda. Kl 35 SE-BGA was previously with the museum but has been exchanged for SE-BHF.

Doug Connell wrote in and told us about a JB-2 Loon (Fiesler Fi 103) discovered on display in Milford, Illinois (not to far from Chicago) It hasn't been listed on this website before so it is a nice addition.

John Mollison added photos of a Bf 109 Spinner on show at the War Eagles Museum in Santa Teresa, New Mexico and a Ju 87 Spinner at 8th Air Force Museum.

Brian Fowler added updated photos of the He 219 on display at Steven Udvar-Hazy Center.

Many thanks to you all for these updates!

31 December 2005 Patrick Perrin sent in photos of the sad remains of the two Do 24 that was recovered in Lake Biscarosse in the 80's and then scrapped.

Alexander Hurrle visited some museums in USA and have added photos of Jumo 211D preserved in Dayton and a Jumo 004 on show at Wings of Eagles Museum in Elmira. Yes, in the background can a replica of a He 162 be seen. Updated photos of the following aircraft and missiles at NASM Steven Udvar-Hazy center has been added: Do 335, Horten Ho IIIF, Ho IIIH, Ho VI V2, Nagler Rolz NR 54, Fw 190F-8/R1 W.Nr. 931884, Reintochter R-1, Hs 117 Schmetterling and Blohm & Voss BV 246A.

I'd like to thank all visitors to this website and all of you who writtes to share information and photos! Happy New Year to you all! /Mikael

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