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21 December 2007

Thanks for a great 2007. /Mike
Christmas 1937 at Junkers Dessau with Ju 86

2 December 2007 Jaroslav Šefcu added a photo of a Fw 190D-9 main wheel preserved at Museum-Klub Vojenské a Letecké Historie, Černá Újezd pod Troskami Czech republic.

Claudio Basile shared a photo of a Bf 109 fin on show at La Gleize in the Ardennes.

I've also added cockpit photos of the Fiat CR 42 and Macchi MC 200 on show at Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militaire, Italiana, Vigna di Valle.

16 November 2007 Mark Timken via Tor Edgar Olsen sent in a recent photo of the Fw 190A-4 W.Nr. 2219 under restoration for the Norwegian Air Force Museum. It's making great progress.
29 October 2007 Jaroslav Šefcu sent in photos of three Siebel fuselages preserved in Czech republic. Among them one rebuild as caravan and the two other as storage sheds, onw which is OK-ACV. The other two are unknown IDs. It is amazing which large number of Siebel fuselages have survived.

Almási Balázs visited the restoration shop in Héreg Hungary and added photos of an unidentified Spanish Bü 131 fuselage, A Bf 109 wing, Bf 109 legs, Me 262 parts including engine covers and wing slots. The Me 262 parts will most likely be used in the Museum fur Verkher und Technik's long term project to recreate a Me 262 based on remains of W.Nr. 111006. The later has been included among the Me 262 on the website for the time being.

11 October 2007 To make up for my previous lazyness during September, here's another exiting update!

From Birger Larsen in Norway comes an update on the progress of Ju 88: The two Ju 88 fuselages being rebuilt in Hungary is nearing completion. October 5th a small ceremony celebrating the (near) completion of several years of work took place in Hereg, Hungary. Due to unforeseen delays in the rebuilding process, two- three weeks of work are still expected on the Norwegian Ju 88 W.Nr. 1203 before being returned to Norway. Still to be fitted are things like the bottom gondola, bottom tank cover and tail wheel doors together with some minor parts. Upon arrival at Bodø, Norway the Norwegian museum team will then make the Ju 88 complete with all internal details. Next planned step on the way to a complete aircraft will be the rebuilding of the tail plane and fin. The Berlin Ju 88 W.Nr. 714628 is to be completed with internal details and equipment at Hereg before being transported to Germany.

Bengt Hermansson shared a photo showing the progress of the restoration of the cockpit section form He 111H-6 W.Nr. 7155. Internal equipment is being fitted.

Many thanks to you both for your update!

8 October 2007 Its time for a long overdue update!

Roger Soupart added an updated photo of the Do 18 remains at Aviodrome.

Peter Grieve sent photos of a Zündapp 92 engine and the engine nacelles of Winter LF 1 "Zaunkönig" D-YBAR. The later can be seen in the relics section under Winter.

Peter Davies-Garner added a photo of a BMW VI engine aquired to support the exciting on going construction of a flying Heinkel He 51 replica.

Brett Stolle contributed  a photo of the Fw 190D-9 fin on show that the National Museum of United States Air Force.

Leo Bonnet found a V 2 engine on show in Hoevenen in Belgium.

Oliver Holmes added photos of Klemm Kl 35 D-Klemm and Fw 44 G-STIG.

Bengt Hermansson sent in photos of a Jumo 211D-1, DFS 230 stick and DFS 230 instrument panel. All on show at Nord Österdal Fly og Militärhistorisk Forening in Tolga.

John Mac Kay has seen the Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa "Oscar" on show at Tillamook Air Museum. Does anyone know the serial number on this aircraft and the other restored by Texas Aircraft Factory?

Laurent Lecomte contributed a photo of Nord 1002 No 269 with wings mounted before it was sent from France to Hungary. Please note the beautiful airport building in the background which is due to be restored.

Many thanks to you all who have sent in updates!

28 August 2007 Malcolm Laing sent a photo of Bf 109G-2 project W.Nr. 13500 which is initiated in US.

Also added where two photos of Argus AS 410 and AS 411 engines on show at Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin

8 August 2007 Lars Larsson added a photo of a rudder relic from a Do 18 on show at Avidorome in Lelystad, Holland.

From Museum fur verkher und Technik in Berlin I've added a photo in the Siebel relic section of the Drink cabinet from Ernst Udet's Siebel Fh 104 A-0 and in the rocket engine section photos of one 109-509 rocket engine and three photos of A 4/V 2 rocket engines has been added from the same museum as well as a rocket engine nozzle of unknown design on show at Luftwaffen Museum Gatow.

23 July 2007 Gregori Alegi added a photo of the fuselage of the Macchi MC 200 in store at Museo Aeronautica Caproni di Taledo, Trento. He also added a cockpit photo of the CANT 506 at Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militaire.

Massimo Rickler added a photo of Alfa Romeo A.R. 125 RC 35 engine which is preserved by ITIS Grassi (Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale) in Torino.

Olivier Canon added a photo of a new Ju 52 Aileron relic at the War museum in Sfakia on Crete.

Jacques Strubi added an updated photo of the N1002 W.Nr. 175 showing the good progress in restoration.

Here follows a number of CASA 1.131 updates: Gianandrea Bussi added a photo of I-EEQQ. Herbert Höhn added an updated photo of D-EFQP. Stefan Schmoll added a photo of D-ETOY. Alexander Hurrle added photos of D-EHDT, D-EGRM and D-ELSK.

Many thanks for all these additions! Hope you all will have a good summer!

22 June 2007 Today I've added some photos of engines at Museo del Aire in Madrid, Spain. The new photos include BMW VI, BMW 132A, Argus AS 10C, Hirth HM 504 in storage and Hirth HM 504, Piaggio P VII and Fiat A 54 on display in the museum. Last but not least, the Do 24 on display in Madrid stands on a specially constructed trolly which is fitted with Ju 88 main undercarriage wheels, see the relic section for a photo of them.
8 Juni 2007 Ralf Gaida shared a photo of Bü 181 c/n 25084 D-ELAM which is in storage. Thanks!
5 June 2007 Jean-Pierre Touzeau added a photo of the Fa 330 W.Nr. 100374 preserved with Jean Salis Collection, La Ferté Alais.

Albert Zeller - Mannhart sent in new photos of Bü 131 A-32 and Bü 133 U-62 which is nearing completion after their restoration. They will be operated by Swiss Bücker-Museum at Teufen.

Gregori Alegi sent in photos of a Breda 19 wing which is part of the cache of parts in the Italian Air Force museums collection. This wing has now been placed on display. He added also a new photo of the Fiat G 55.

Simon O'Connell shared a photo of the new paint scheme his Nord 1002 No 274 G-ETME. He also reports that the fuselage frame of his MS 502 s/n 2537 has been stolen from a storage facility. If anyone has any leads on this please contact the webmaster for the information to be forwarded to Simon.

5 May 2007 Gregory Alegi continues to share photos and information from Italy. This time he sent a cockpit photo of the Cat T.2. glider and a photo of a previously unlisted surviving Bf 109. The Bf 109G-4 W.Nr. 19586 is a wreck recovered some years ago. The photo was taken by Gianclaudio Polidori.

Many thanks for these additions!

May 3 2007 Roger Soupart shared a photo of the refurbished CASA 352 No 166 taken at the roll out this wednesday. Not that a gun position has been added on top of the fuselage. Very nice indeed!
May 1 2007 News just arrived that Bf 109G-2 W.Nr. 10394 has been recovered and is now in the hands of Malcolm Laing for restoration. A photo has been added.

Duane Skoog added a photo of the newly restored Fi 103/V 1 missile on show in Greencastle.

Gregory Alegi shared a photo of the Cat T.2. glider previously with Museo Nazionale della Scienza  e della Tecnica in Milano, now returned to the Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militaire, Italiana, Vigna di Valle. It has been in storage for some time and have unfortunately suffered some damage but hopefully the new holder can restore it and put it on display. A photo after it arrived at the new museum has been added.

Many thanks for these contributions!

April 6 2007

Ralf Gaida sent in a new photo of Bü 181 which restoration is nearing completion. Engine runs are made and the first flight is hopefully expected later this year. Congratulations on a great accomplishment!

Alfred Preuß forwarded a photo of Fw 44 FV 638/N638 which has been sold to a new owner. It is now based in Reno Nevada in US. Thanks to you both!

18 February 2007 Oleg Leiko shared a photo of the recently completed Bf 109G-6 W.Nr. 411768 now put on display at Technical Museum Vadim Zadorozny, Moscow. Congratulations on a great accomplishment!
4 January 2007 Brad Smith added a photo of the Kawanishi Shiden Kai on display at US Navy Museum.

Luc Slegers sent an updated photo of Nord 1002 No 173.

Michael John Fuller contributed a photo of a rare Bf 109K luggage compartment hatch which has been added to the relic section.

10 December 2006 Gregory Alegi contributed a photo of the Caproni CA 100 I-GTAB which restoration now has been completed. It is planned to put it on display at the Italian Air Force Museum during 2007. A more recent photo has also been added of CA 100 I-DISC. Gregory also mentions that two CA 100 replicas are under construction in Italy which will be registered I-CAMM, which will fly in 2007 and I-MAVI. Both are privately owned will be based in Trento. Since replicas are outside the scope of this site they will not be listed but its information of interest so mentioned here in the news section.

Ferenc Bálint have assisted in securing photos taken by Hajnal Sándor of Nord N 1002 No 269 and the Fiat G 12 fuselage section on show at the Hungarian aviation Museum Repülőmúzeum Szolnok. The Nord N 1002 was acquired in an exchange for a Jak 12 in August 2006. This means that at last an axis WWII aircraft type is secured for preservation in Hungary.

Wesley Minuano added photos of CASA 1131 N595BJ and the Bf 109G of Museu Asas De Um Sonho in Brazil.

Pete Hughes shared photos of two CASA 1131; c/n 1123 G-JUNG, c/n 2104 G-BTDZ and c/n 2037 G-BECW.

Many thanks for these exciting updates - and my appologies for taking so long time before adding them to the site. These contributions results in the website passing 1900 entries and more than 1675 photos!

9 December 2006 Pat Carry has kindly used his contacts with the Air Zoo Museum, Kalamazoo securing photos and story of a previously unlisted Fi 103 restoration and a newly emerged V 2 rocket engine. The Air Zoo Museum has been granted a long term loan from NASM of parts from three different Fi 103 missiled to be rebuilt in to one by the museum. The loan also included a V 2 rocket engine. Neither of these parts has been listed as preserved before. Many thanks to Pat for digging out this new piece of preserved axis missile and also to Bill Painter of the Air Zoo Museum, Kalamazoo for sharing photos.
26 November 2006 Two photos taken today has been added. One of the newly restored to static condition Klemm Kl 35 SE-BHF. Its not completed yet, but well under way. Also added in the engine section is a photo of an Argus AS 14 engine from a Fi 103 missile on display at Air and Space Museum, Arlanda.
19 November 2006 Thanks to all of you advising me of the roll-out of Bf 109G-6 W.Nr. 784993 in Austria! Its great to see that restoration is complete - however I think it is disappointing that it was not completed as a Bf 109G-14 which it originally was. This said without knowing the reasons for this decision.

Alexander Hurrle shared two photos of the Ford JB-2 at Cradle of Aviation Museum and the LTV-N-2 on show at NASM.

Jacques Strubi shared a photo of Nord N 1002 F-AZMR taken in late September this year. The beautiful silhouette is fantastic! Isn't it time to start a new production run? :-)

Many thanks to everyone contributing!

10 November 2006 Gianandrea Bussi sent in a photo of the Cant Ca.100 I-ABMT, MM55914 that has been missing on the site. Thanks for that addition!
1 November 2006 Great news! Fw 190A-3 Yellow 16 was recovered today in Norway. See new entry with photo contributed by Olve Dybvig. Thanks for the update!

25 October 2006 Evžen Všetečka added some photos of new exhibits at Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleißheim. They include BMW 801TJ, AS 17A, V 2 engine and HM 504A.

Michael Fuller forwarded a photo by George Beldecos of the recovery of the Ju 87 Wr.Nr. 100375 in the Greek archipelago.

Thomas Genth added an updated photo of the IAR 89 replica in Romania and Fw 44J D-EQAX.

Claudio Basile returned from a trip to France were he visited New Omaha beach Museum, Vierville in Normandie. From there he added photos of a BMW 801 engine from a Fw 190 and a rare Me 410 gun pod. The later will be found in the relics section. In Aout 1944 Museum. From Falais museum a photo of a DB 605 engine.

Many thanks to you all!

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