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What's New or what has been added

11 April 2014

15 Years ago – on the day – was launched!


It is my pleasure to announce that a solution to continue to keep online has been achieved. I’ve agreed to Classic Wing’s proposal to take over this website in order for them to continue to run it and develop it further. I’m very pleased with this solution, especially since Dave McDonald with Classic Wings, was one of the first contributors back in 1999 and have been a close contact throughout these 15 years, sharing information, photos and rumors. So it cannot transfer in to better hands!


Good luck!



8 November 2013


This is the last update to this website.


Finally I’ve come to the decision to close down this website. It has not been an easy decision, but it is a decision which has matured over several years. During 2013 I’ve only managed to do two updates preceding this one – which are unacceptable for a website if it is to exploit the advantage the media has over printed books or magazines. Admittedly the contributions from visitors has declined markedly over the last five years possibly due to the fact that most aircraft are already listed – but also because my own aviation interest has developed in to other areas. My main interest today is not preserved axis aircraft, it has instead shifted towards archival research in to WWII aviation. A concrete result of my research is available in this e-article dealing with Handley Page Hampden in Swedish service published today. Obviously things have also changed in my private life over the last 15 years which also have an impact on my hobby. I’ve gone from being single with no kids to married with two kids and a career which effectively necessitates some prioritization of time.


This website was launched almost 15 years ago – in the previous millennium (1999) – when internet was fairly new and very little information regarding preserved axis aircraft had been published on the “world wide web”. As can be seen from the graphical design of the site no makeover has been done since the launch. This has been long overdue but I lack the skills, necessary programs and most importantly the time required. However the basic and simple design has served its purpose and it has been a fantastic adventure for me to interact with so many of you who have visited the website. I’ve never stopped being surprised of how many people all over the world who share the interest and have taken their time to send me new pieces of information, photos, corrections, suggestions and also plain appreciation! My heartfelt thank you for your support in both action and word!


More than 350 people have made substantial contributions, often several times over the years. You represent some 40 countries from all continents except Antarctica and I’ve had the opportunity of personally meet between 10 and 20 of you in real life. Some of you have ventured to my home country while some of you have acted host to me when I’ve travelled to your country. Many of you have acted guide to aviation museums or made special arrangements for me when I’ve visited during “closed days” in museums. You’ve arranged tours of storage areas or restoration facilities or even opened up aircraft for me to explore and experience inside. I’ve been very privileged to experience this. Thank you! Together we have collected some 2000 entries with approximately 1800 illustrations. I never thought there were so many aircraft and artifacts preserved! Despite the lack of updates still some 4000-5000 unique visitors come by every month. This is of course lower than the peak of almost 10.000 unique monthly visitors.


I don’t know how many have mailed over the years but most likely several thousand different people. You’ve written with appreciation and encouragement for the work done, you’ve asked questions regarding information on the website, asked for recommendations for trips you’ve planned, added photos or information, asked for photos from my collection as support when building plastic models, building flight simulators cockpits for online games, for making accurate line drawings, for making molds for series production of plastic models, for publication in articles or books as well as just for your own collection. You’ve shared photos of artifacts asking for help to identify the items you have in your own collection. Some of you have been looking to acquire aircraft yourself while others have wanted to sell aircraft. One of you has even been in the unfortunate situation where you’ve been trying to source a derelict aircraft stolen from you. Restorers have made contact searching for parts, additional wrecks and quite often engines. Owners of aircraft have often dropped an e-mail to introduce yourself as “the owner” or “new owner” of an aircraft that has been sold in order for me to update the website, sometimes also asking if I could hook you up with other people operating the same type of aircraft. It has been quite exciting to get insight in to and follow so many projects, dreams and hobbies. Directors of TV programs have also asked for suggestions on how to get in touch with owners of certain aircraft types or suitable people to interview regarding various aspects of WWII aircraft. Over the years many references have been made to the preserved axis aircraft website on various discussion forums, many links lead to the site and it has been quoted in magazines and also as a source in books. This is all quite an accomplishment for what started out as a way of putting on line a few photos of varying quality from my visits to museums in the 80’s and 90’s.


Next step. What will happen next is that when the registration for the domain expires the website will effectively be closed down. I don’t know exactly when that will happen but I guess it will take place between 6-18 months from now depending on for how long I’ve paid for it – this is something I don’t remember at the moment. J


Thank you all!
Best regards




25 June 2013

It’s about time to make an update! Some interesting things have happened, most noteworthy is the recovery of the Do 17 Z by RAF Museum.


Joakim Westh added a photo of the restored Kl 35 SE-AKN. The only preserved Kl 35 with an enclosed cockpit and an unusual type of landing gear. 131 Doflug D-EAZO has also made the way to the Håtuna collection – a new photo added courtesy of Jan Forsgren.


Tor Nørstegård shared a photo of MS 500 W.Nr. 43 currently under restoration in Norway. Also from Norway and E Knutson is a new photo of the Caproni Ca 310 and construction.


Lorenz Fritz contributed a photo of the recently restored Klemm L 25 D-EJOL that just become airborne again.


From Laurens v. Oelsen came a photo of a DB 603 on display at the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen.


Progress is also being made in Norway with Fw 190 A3/U3 W.Nr. 0132219


Interesting news from Italy has been provided by Gianandrea Bussi who shared a photo of the Italian Air Force Museum’s RE 2002 that has been moved to Volandia Museum at Vizzola Ticino for restoration. A new photo has been added.


John MacKay sent a photo of Flying Heritage Collection two-seat Mitsubishi A6M3 Model 22 Zeke.


27 January 2013

Trevor Matthews of Lashenden Air Warfare Museum added a photo of their newly restored Fiesler Re IV that will be return on display during 2013.


Mario Raguž added a photo of the Fizir FN trainer and Rogazorski R-100 aircraft that was operated by Croatia for some time.


Alan Gale shared a photo of FHC Mitsubishi A6M Zeke s/n 1303.


Rodesch Pascal contributed a Photo of Klemm  Kl 25 LX-MAF that has now been restored and placed in a newly opened museum "Fliger Musee" in Mondorf les Bains


I’ve also added some more photos from my visit at NASM; RI 502 RATO unit, R4M Rocket, Ohka Rocket engine nozzle, Ta 152 incl cockpit photo, Me 410 incl cockpit photo, BV 155 incl cockpit photo

12 August 2012

Jacques Strubi added information and photo of a previously unlisted Bf 108, W.Nr. 2086 which is under restoration. Exciting news! He added also a photo of Nord N1002 No 282 under restoration as well as a new photo of Nord N1002 No 91.


Almási Balász added photos of the Hungarian Levante II which has been added to a new section dedicated to Hungarian aircraft together with a photo of a WM K-14 engine and propeller from a licence built Reggiane RE 2000.

Pedro Prior added a photo of the Nakajima Kikka which has been uncrated in NASM’s restoration facility for assembly and exhibition.


Travis Dalton shared a photo of a Jumo 004 on show at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach.


From Norway comes a photo of the Ar 96 under restoration (Roar Henriksen) and of the Heinkel He 115 raised some time ago.


William Villani added a fabric section stated to be from the fin of a Caudron C.445 preserved at Louisiana Museum of Military History, Ruston, LA, which can be found under the relic section, foreign aircraft. Most likely it is not from a Caudron C.445 since they had plywood covered fins, and none were built with such high W.Nr. as painted on the fin. My guess is that it is from a Fw 44, but until better knowledge is gained it is displayed under the Caudron designation.


Scott Willey shared a photo of some He 177 fuel tanks preserved at NASM, it can be found in the relic section.


A Croatian section with three entries has been added as well.


11 April 2012

Andy Marden shared a photo of Bf 108/Nord 1002 under restoration at Chino. Nice to see it under restoration.


A photo has been shared by Roger of a aft section of a Achi Val that is preserved at John Gerber’s Pacific War Museum on Guam. It is uploaded on the relic section.


I've added photos of a Jumo 004, DB 601, HM 504 A-2, a Ju 52/3m g4e instrument panel and a Lichtenstein SN-2 radar from a Bf 110 preserved at the Swiss Air Force Museum (Flieger FLAB Museum) and a Jumo 205 on view at Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen as well as a Do 335 instrument panel in storage.


Lastly I’ve made an upload of yet another batch of engine photos from NASM Paul Garber storage facility! It is truly amazing what stuff has been preserved there. Photos include a third BMW 003, two additional Jumo 004 (the original ones from the Me 262 on display), Ha 32-22, Aichi Atsuta 30 series Ha 60-3X (likely 32), two Nakajima Homare 12 (Ha45-12) and an Italian Alfa Romeo 128 R.C.21.

29 January 2012

The restored IMAM Ro.37bis was rolled out at the Volandia museum. It will be on show there for a while before being moved to the Italian Air Force Museum possibly later this year. Great work!


Guy black share a photo of Bf 109 E-1/b W.Nr. 4034.

28 December 2011

Some additions from my visit to NASM. Photos of following Nakajima aircraft; B6N2 Tenzan and C6M1-S Saiun as well as improved photo of J1N1-S Gekko. The following Japanese engines have been added; Aichi Atsuta Ha60-31, Ha32-21 Kasei, Ha33-62 Kinsei, Ha34-11, Nakajima Mamoru 11 (NK7A), Nakajima Ha15 “Shi”, Shoda-Hikoki Shoda-Ken No 1 and Yokosuka Naval Arsenal Engine No3. Some of these are extremely rare experimental engines.


Continuing on the Japanese theme, Knut Erik Hansen have shared photos of Tachikawa Ki-9 “Spruce” as well as a better photo of Mansyu Ki-79b, both on display in Indonesia.

17 November 2011

Today Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militaire rolled in the IMAM Ro 43 in to their exhibition in the museum. Gregory Alegi added photos of it from the occasion of the roll in.


Bernd Borchert shared a photo of the He 162 now on display in Germany.

6 November 2011

Added photos from NASM showing Nakajima J5N1 relics, Mitsubishi G4M3 cockpit, Aichi B7A1 Ryusei and its cockpit. In addition to these aircraft photos I’ve also uploaded some images of some ultra-rare German engines including a Jumo 207 D, Heinkel HS 011 (two examples), two BMW 801, DB 601 E, DB 603 A-2, Gnome Rôhne K 14 N from a Henschel Hs 129 and lastly an Argus AS 10 R.

5 November 2011

Alan Erickson added a photo of a Bf 109 rudder privately owned in US and Bernd Borchert send in a photo of Hermann Graf’s rudder on display at Technik Museum Speyer as well as the Bf 108 W.Nr. 2126 recovered and exhibited at Luftwaffe Museum Gatow.


Dave Lednicer shared inflight photos of Fw 190A-5/U-3 N19027.


The following photos from my visit to NASM has been added: Japanese engines Ha43-11 (Mitsubishi), Ha43-11ru (Mitsubishi) and Ha33-62 Kinsei (Mitsubishi). I’ve also added a photo of the Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofo “Rex” that has been missing. It is currently stored in several sections but is complete. Photos of the NASM 181 has also been added including a cockpit photo.

3 October 2011

Just returned from a trip to USA which included a guided tour of both the Udvar Hazy and Silver Hill storage facility. It is an amazing job that is undertaken there. From a “preserved axis aircraft” perspective, it is definitely one of the most exciting places on earth to visit. My sincere thanks to NASM, Scott Willey and the rest of the dedicated “crew” I had the opportunity to meet and talk to.


As a result there will be several new updates to the website during the next upcoming months, especially of preserved Japanese engines. It will take some time to go through all the photos and verify proper identity of the object, which can be a challenge when it comes to photos of engines in dark cramped places, so be patient!


One of the most exciting news is that the Lippish DM-1 is about to be taken out of storage and put on display. When I made my visit it had been brought in to the new restoration facility but was still in its crate, where it was placed back in 1946. Through some openings in the crate I had the opportunity to take a close look and take some photos, which have now been added to this site. Possibly the first photos made public after 65 years in storage. It sure looks to be both complete and in very good condition! It will be exciting to see more of it when it’s taken out of the crate and re-assembled.


During my visit to NASM Udvar Hazy I also had the opportunity to check the W.Nr. plate on their Focke-Achgelis Fa 330 and can now confirm the true W.Nr. as 100404 instead what has often been mistakenly listed as 60133. As previously said, more updates will follow!


Clint Mitchell added a photo of a Bf 109 fin and rudder preserved in a Pub in Kent. Thanks!


10 September 2011

Tim Badham shared a photo of the Ohka 11 that previously has been with Defence Explosives and ordinance school but now has been moved to IWM Duxford. It is currently in storage.


Claudio Basile located one of his old photos from 1994 showing the surviving parts of a Piaggio P108 that remains. Check under relics.


Jan Wullink shared a photo of a Bf 110 under wing gun pod on display in the Belgian cityHuy, added to the Messerschmitt relics page.


Joseph Kuehlem shared a photo of Fw 190 A-2 W.Nr. 0125425 on display near Bergen


Tim Fray added a photo of Nord 1002 W.Nr. 183 which has changed ownership and is under restoration, hopefully taking to the air in 2012.


Many thanks for these great additions!

7 July 2011

Uli Thüer shared a photo of Fw 44 SE-BSZ just before its transfer flight from Västerås in Sweden to its new home at Paderborn in Germany.


It has also been confirmed that the He 162 W.Nr. 120076 that has been for sale for a time now have found its way in to the collection of Deutches Technikmuseum in Berlin. It is currently under refurbishment to be added to the display. In the meantime a second Rheinmetall Rheintochter is now also on display. The first one is on loan from RAF Museum Hendon, while the new one has been assembled from parts from originating various missiles in the NASM collection. With the help of these parts and some newly made ones, a new example of the missile has been recreated. Quite an achievement! A photo of the new missile has been added. 


Angel Sanches added a photo of a CR 32 propeller blade preserved with original colours from the civil war in Spain. See Italian relics.


29 May 2011

André de Zwart added a photo of Kl 25 TF-SUX taken during his trip on Iceland. Oliver Zeumer wrote in with information that Bf 108 HB-HEB has made its first post restoration flight on 30 April.


Jan Wullink Added a photo of a Hs 293 elevator and a drop tank from a Bf 110 operated by NJG 1 on show at Fortress Spijkerboor in The Netherlands.


Lauerns V. Oelsen added photos of BMW VI, BMW 132, BMW 801 and BMW 003 engines from the BMW museum.


17 March 2011

Richard Muller shared a photo of the ex NAS Willow Grove Me 262 having been put on show at National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, Florida.


Wolfgang Falch added a photo of Sandyair’s latest regstoration, Bf 109 G-14, W.Nr. 462707.

4 January 2011

JohnTerniotis added photo of fuselage skin from He 111 of KG 26 preserved in Greece.


Bernd Borchert sent in photo of CASA 1131 I-OPEF and a photo of the Fw 190 A-8 under reconstruction with Luftwaffe Museum. The later is using a fuselage built by Flugwerk but incorporates original parts from several wrecks.


Laurens v. Oelsen contributed a photo of Klemm Kl 35 F-AZTK, previously D-EHKO.

4 September 2010

Marco Riffelmann added a photo of 181 D-EDEN, FV25080.


Paul Ressle sent in a photo of 133 W.Nr. 28 former U-81 which has now returned to airworthiness.


Robert N. Abbott Jr. Contributed a photo of MS 500 W.Nr. 751 N42FM


Laurens v. Oelsen has photographed MS 502, HB-RFB, Doflug 131 D-EDEF, HB-UVF, CASA 1131E D-EIJL, Kl 35 D-EFUB and AS 410 engine at Altenrhein museum.


5 August 2010

Richard R. Muller added a new photo of the Ju 52 at Royal Hellenic AF Museum.


John MacKay shared photos of Fi 103, Re-4 and at the Flying Heritage Museum.


Stewart W. Bailey mailed photos of the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum’s Zeke under restoration at Vintage Aircraft in Ft. Collins, CO


Dan Johnson contributed a photo of the Mitsubishi A6M2 Zeke N8280K


Stefano Felicetti located a Jumo 211 in a museum on Sicily, Italy


Laurens v. Oelsen has photographed the Junkers A 50 now on show at the Hugo Junkers Museum in Dessau.


Many thanks to all of you for these updates and contributions!

29 June 2010

Roger Soupart made it it in the right time, he caught HA 1112 OO-MAF when it was aired outside its hangar for the first time in 16 years. A photo has been added.

Rob Leigh added a photo of Fi 156 G-STCH which had been missing up until now. Many thanks to both of you!

22 June 2010

This summer’s greatest news must be the recovery of Bf 109 G-2 W.Nr. 14649 that was done resently in Norway. A photo has been added courtesy of Birger Larsen. Likewise a photo of Bf 109 G-2 14798 has been added, thanks to Alan Scheckenbach.


Jürgen Bergmoser shared a photo of the He 111/Casa 2.111 that has been completely restored and is now on display in the Schleissheim museum.


Alfred Preuß sent in a photo of Fw 44 SE-BZS sporting a mix of Swedish and Finnish military markings as well as a Swedish civil registration, which has been added as a second photo.


Claudio Basile shared a number of photos of Italian relics, a spinner of a MC 205 and a armoured seat from the same type. He also added a photo of a spiner from a Fiat G 55 and two Bf 109 drop tanks. A number of other people (Stefan Schmoll, Hendrik Gels and others), many thanks to you all for the updates!

9 May 2010

The Malpensa Aviation Museum in Italy opened on the 8th of May. On show is the SM 79 formerly identified as L-111 but now identified as L-114. A new photo have been added thanks to Gregory Alegi. Check out

14 March 2010

A photo of an ultra-rare DB 604 engine was added by Bernt Borchert. Thanks!

16 February 2010

Gunnar Åkerberg shared a photo of Klemm Kl 35 SE-BGA taking to the air for the first time after a ground-up restoration.


From Pat Carry comes the news that the Fi 103 under restoration with Air Zoo museum in Kalamazoo has been completed and put on display. A new photo has been uploaded.


Peter van Gogh reports about a newly discovered Klemm L 20 in Argentina, which has now been entered in to the website. No current photo yet though.


20 December 2009

Fred van der Horst added a photo of a BMW 801 now on show at IWM Duxford.


Gregory Alegi send in a photo of the Breda 25/28 in storage at Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militaire, Italiana, Vigna di Valle

12 December 2009

Great news from Wolfgang Falch at Sandy Air Corp. They’ve rolled out their Bf 109 G-6 W.Nr. 441059 which is a great accomplishment! He also shared a picture of his new project, a rare Bf 109 E-3a, an export version intended for Yugoslavia but which was not delivered but taken over by Luftwaffe. W.Nr. is so far unknown.

Frédéric Besnard added photos of CASA 1131E 2149 F-AZNB.


Claudio Basile, long time contributor who sent his first photo 10 years ago!, added a photo of the new exhibit at Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militaire, Italiana, Vigna di Valle, a substantial relic from a Savoia S 55 flying boat. He also added a photo of the two cockpits in Ca 100 I-GTAB.


Guy Black shared a photo of his IMAM Ro 37.

30 September 2009

From Atushi Fred Fujimori comes a great inflight photo of the Tillamook Air Museum’s Ki 43.


Another Fiat A 50 engine has been restered by the team at by Departimento Di Meccanica at Università Degli Studi Di Palermo writes Giuseppe Genchi


Ralf Gaida wrote that quite possibly there is a first flight imminent for the 181 D-EKYF during October. Keep your fingers crossed!


Oliver Cannon have returned to Maleme Cemetery museum on Crete and have mailed some additional photos of all material that have been preserved by the passionate people in this small museum. New additions include Ju 52 ladders as well as upper and lower cowling for an engine.

12 August 2009

Giuseppe Genchi wrote in to tell about the completion of the restoration of Università Degli Studi Di Palermo engine collection being housed by Departimento Di Meccanica. Check for more information.


Kari Kupiainen added a new photo of the Brewster Buffalo on show in Finland.

18 May 2009

Long time since the last update. Have even missed to mark the 10 year anniversary of Preserved Axis Aircraft being on line! It’s a combination of having been forced to move the website to another hosting service because my previous provider closed down, and being occupied with my two small children.


This website was first launched on 11 April 1999. Today it has some 1966 entries and 1764 photos. It has been a great team work and a big thank you is well due to all of you listed in the “credit” section who over the years have contributed both photos and information. Many of you have been doing this for up to ten years!


The backlog for this update includes:

A photo of the Norwegian Fw 190 having been assembled in USA prior to shipment to Norway, where it should have arrived by now. Thanks Birger Larsen for the update.


Kai Frommelt contributed an improved photo of Fw 44 D-EKHD.


Ralf Gaida wrote in to tell that his 181 project D-EKYF is making great progress and is nearing completion.


From Roger Soupart came a photo showing the Ju 52 now on display at the Aviodrome in Holland depicting a scenario from 10 May 1940.


Albert Zeller added that 133 HB-MKM has been completed and that Doflug 131 c/n 74 HB-USB is next up for restoration at the Bücker museum in Switzerland.


Thanks for all of these updates!

19 March 2009

Stefan Schmoll sent in a photo of the 181 W.Nr. 331381, D-EQXC under restoration with the Quax Flieger group at Dortmund.


Roger Soupart continues to contribute photos and information. This time he has located the canopy frame of a Me 410 and a wooden drop tank for a He 111. These pieces are on display at Wings to Victory Museum at Midden Zeeland Airport in Zeeland, Holland


Patric Lacroix added a photo of a Ki-43 placed on display in the Victory Part in Moscow together with the tail and wing of an unidentified Bf 110.


Martin Baumann shared information on a new Fi 156/MS 502 project appearing in Brasil. It concerns ex LV-ZIU from Argentina that will be restored to airworthy condition.


Thank you to you all that have contributed photos and information!

P.S. The website is under move to a new vendor which could result in disruption during the next days.


1 February 2009

Doeado Schipper added a photo of CASA 1131 E3B-628, N628BJ based at Longmont in Colorado.


Birger Larsen send a photo after work has commenced on fitting internal equipment on Ju 88 1203.


Stefan Schmoll tells us that Junkers A 50 W.Nr. 3517 previously in Australia have been sold and is now on display at the Hugo Junkers museum in Dessau, waiting for being restored back to airworthy condition. Exciting news!


Per-Øivind Skarphol added a photo of Ju 88 W.Nr. 0119 showing the progress of the restoration. Thanks to you all for these updates!


20 December 2008

The restoration of 181 D-EKYF makes progress as shown in a newly added photo by Rolf Gaida.


Arnt Espen Skipnes writes in regarding the progress of the restoration of Ca 310 at Stavanger in Norway. Fin, tail and rudder is completed, waiting for paint, and the fuselage is progressing. Exciting project going forward! A new photo have been added.


It appears like the Norsk Luftfartsmuseum in Bodö got an early x-mas present with the return of their Ju 88 W.Nr. 1203 from Hungary. The fitting of cockpit equipment and other parts will start soon. The result will be very exciting!


N1002 G-ATBG have suffered an off airfield landing as can be seen in a new photo. It suffered minor damage and will be in the air again during 2009.


Many thanks to all of you who have contributed with bits and pieces of information as well as photos keeping this website updated. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! /Mike

6 December 2008

Yan Courtemanche wrote in to tell about a previously unlisted missile on display at Battle ship Massachusetts BB-59 at Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA in USA. A photo has been added. Thanks for this great addition!

23 November 2008

Roger Soupart contributed a photo of a Fi 103 that has been put on display at DEAG Museum at Deelen AFB in Netherlands. It was recovered from a crashsite during 2002 and has been restored using mostly original parts. A fantastic piece of work! He also added a photo of an additional Fi 103 on display at Wings of Liberation Museum in Best also in Netherlands. Can anyone confirm to what extent it contains original parts?


Continuing on the theme of Fi 103s Pierre-Olivier Buan sent in two photos of examples on show at Musée de la Guerre Mondiale de Tosny and the sole example on display in Switzerland.


Andreas Samuelsson added a photo of a Bf 110 fin that is preserved with a private collector in Sweden.

Thanks to you all for these additions!

13 November 2008

A new Bf 109 project have appeared based in Hungary. A dataplate from Bf 109G-6 with W.Nr. 95247 is available as is a parts from crashsites and a lot of other material. See photos. Thanks Almási Balázs for the update.


Another piece of news is that the tail of RE 2000 FV2305 that has been in storage with Flygvapenmuseum in Sweden has now been put on display at Ängelholms Flygmuseum at the former F 10 airbase in south of Sweden.

23 October 2008

Good respons from the last update! The Ki 43 mentioned in last update was a replica, while the DFS 230 was the example previously at Wunstorf in Germany. New updates this time include:


Photos of Bu 131 PP-TEZ currently under restoration in Brazil, thanks to Sergio Luis dos Santos and Heinz Gerhard Wolf Junior.


Clifford Bossie wrote added a photo of Nakajima Ki 43 No 6430 that has been moved from Museum of Flight in Seattle to Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson.


Wolfgang Falch of Sandy Air Corp shared a photo of their latest project, Bf 109 G-6 441059. It is a static restoration which looks good!


Lastly, Roger Soupart continues to locate new treasures. He added a Ju 88 Canopy on show at the Military Museum in Brussels.


Thank you all for these updates!

29 September 2008

Long time no update, but here is one at last!


Christoph Westhaus added a photo of the Hs 293 which has been returned on display at the Luftwaffe Museum at Gatow and the Nord 1002 No 269 which has been restored and put on display in Hungary.


Robert Ahlfors sent in a photo of the recently restored Finnish Bristol Blenheim, which really looks great.


Stefan Schmoll visited Dirk Bende and his company which have acquired Nord 1002 No 78 and No 168, see added photos.


Roger Soupart attended the installation of a DFS 230 at the Eben Emael fortress museum in Belgium. Can anyone confirm whether or not it is an original frame or a replica. If the former, which one is it?


Richard Muller shared a photo of a Wasserfall missile that has appeared in the National Museum of USAF. It is most likely the Wasserfall that was displayed at the Aberdeen proving ground. Hopefully it can be saved and put on indoor display in the future.


Can anyone confirm if there is a genuine Nakajima Ki 43 on display outside the Shiran Museum in Japan? One is on display which looks genuine enough, but I’ve never heard of it before and it would also be questionable to display it outside for long term preservation reasons. So I think it could be a replica.


Oliver Canon added some photos of new Ju 52 relics preserved at the museum on Crete


Many thanks for these updates!

7 June 2008

The Museum of Flights Nakajima Ki 43 has been completed and rolled out. Thanks Dan Wilder for the photo.

Christoph Westhaus wrote in with a photo regarding Fw 44 D-ENAY that has been overhauled and given a new paint scheme. At last a Fw 44 in full Luftwaffe camouflage! Great to see.


Steve Hagan added a Mitsubishi Ha-26-II engine on show in Singapore.


Another island finding is a Ju 88 canopy on show at the War Museum in Malta, Richard R. Muller contributed a photo of that exhibit.


Thor P. Broen writes in with information about the identity of the Junkers W 34 at Tolga Museum. He also tells that the main wheels of the DFS 230 glider recovered earlier has been located.


Thanks to all for these updates!

10 May 2008

Dirk Bende wrote in to tell us about the first flight of his Fi 156C-7 W.Nr. 2042, D-EDVB that took place on 6 May and was a success. Additional new photo has been added. Congratulations on the accomplishment!

28 April 2008

Angel Sanchez Serrano reports that the Do 24 at Museo Del Aire in Madrid has been moved in to a Hangar. Hopefully it will be restored since it has suffered substantial corrosion after its exhibit on an island in an artificial lake. A photo of it inside the hangar has been added.


Mario Raguž sent in a photo of the recovered Ju 87 exhibited in Greece.

20 April 2008

Wolfgang Falch kindy sent in a photo of a stering column from a Cant Z 1007 aircraft. Indeed a very rare object.

Long time contributor Benno Goethals visited Fundacion Infante de Orleans this spring and took some nice photos, among them an air to air photo of 133 EC-ALP and a photo of CASA 1.131 EC-YTC. If anyone can add the serial number of the later I'd be gratefull.

Raffaello Bisso added a photo of a propeller from a Ju 87 on show at the priate War museum in Sfakia on Crete.

Many thanks to you all for the additions!

4 April 2008

Christian Gurling added a photo of the Tillamook Air Museum's Nakajima Ki 43 in flight. Congratulations for a great feat!

4 March 2008

Steve Hagan added an improved photo of the Ki 36 at the People's Liberation Army Museum in Beijing. thanks!

2 February 2008

John McKay contributed a photo of the Me 163 W.Nr. 191095 on loan to Mighty Air Force Museum in Savannah from NASM.

Alan Crouchman added photos of CASA 2.111 No. 167 owned by Flying Heritage Collection and of He 111 W.Nr. 2320 in storage in Berlin. He also added a number of quite interesting photos of relics in storage with the Technical Museum in Berlin, including remains of the long term Me 262 W.Nr. 111006 project, a He 111 wing, a tail cone from a Ju 90 or 290 (my guess is that it is from a 290 since it was more numerous), Ju 87 remains possibly recovered from Africa and some Do 335 tires. The last photo added by Alan shows the sad remains of the SIPA S.121 (Ar 396) that crashed in France.

Dan Wilder shared photos of some of the Ki-43 aircraft under rebuild with Texas Airplane Factory together with information on their registrations and serial numbers.

Paul Hannah contributed an improved photo of the Kawasaki Ki-48 on show in China.

Ken Gilbert shared some photos from 1976 showing some of the NAS Willow Grove aircraft as they looked then! Ar 196, Me 262 and N1K1 Kyofu.

Many thanks to all of you for these updates!

21 January 2008

Thomas Siepert sent in a new photo of the Skoda-Kauba 257 wing on show at the Vojensky Muzeum at Kbely AB outside Prague showing the new display. Thomas also contributed a new photo of the Fw 190F W.Nr. 670071 on display at Cottbus showing the new display area with a roof for protecting it.

Alexander Hurrle added some photos from the Aviaticum museum at Wiener Neustadt including an updated photo of Bf 109G-6 W.Nr. 784993 and the excellent engine collection on display there. The later include: Argus AS 10, BMW 132, BMW 801, DB 603, Jumo 213, Hirth HM 60, Hirth HM 500, Kroeber M 4, Siemens & Halske Sh 14 (under BMW) and Zündapp Z 92.

Thanks for excellent photos!

12 January 2008

Time for a Bücker update!

From Albert Zeller comes a photo of the 181 FV 25093 currently under restoration at Swiss Bücker-Museum at Teufen. He also reports good progress on 133 U-54 also under restoration.

Ernst Meier sent in an updated photo of 131 HB-URH in flight.

From Marc and Ulrich Wenger comes a number of great photos. 133 OE-AKF, Doflug built 131 HB-UTN, HB-URF, HB-UUR, HB-UVG and CASA built CASA 1131 HB-UVN and HB-UVP.

In addition to this 181 SE-BNK, Luftwaffe aircraft that landed in Sweden during the war, is reported to be under restoration. Many thanks to all of you who contributed!

5 January 2008

We have a great start for 2008. Messerschmitts W.Nr. 7485, 8347 and 15458 has been sold by Charleston Aviation to a new owner and will be restored in Hungary! Quite exciting start of the year. No photos yet, but hope to be able to add that later.

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